Homeopathy: Holistic, Alternative, Natural & Safe Medicine

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Services and Fees

Thank you for considering having treatment with me.

Below are my prices (Face to Face or Online )

Homeopathic consultations are by video call wherever you are in the world. Choose a time that suits you and book straight into my diary.

Book a 15 minute introduction call and talk with Renata about how it will work for and your family.

For online consultation, clients are required to use a computer or large tablet (not a phone) with a stable, high-speed internet connection.

Clients must also find a quiet room and have sufficient spare time for the consultation.

Clients must also find a quiet room and have sufficient spare time for the consultation. Clients should be able to concentrate fully on the consultation and not for example be driving, have the TV on, phone calls etc. This is a time for your treatment and you owe to yourself!

I like to be clear and transparent, if you need any clarification, get in touch or book a free 15 minute chat.

I can be reached by phone: 01462 416 479 or
email: [email protected]

Please Note: All calls are recorded for training purposes. 

Current Fees

Initial Consultation

60 mins £140 / $180 / €160

Follow ups

Adults: £80 / $100 / €95
16s and under £70 / $90 / €85

Acute consultation - £40 / $55 / €50 (15 min)

Animal owner coaching - £65 / $80 / €75 (30 min)

Acute Care: Sudden and unexpected illnesses happen to everyone, and particularly to children. When this happens and you are an existing client of mine, you can book in for an acute session lasting 15 minutes for urgent help. Issues would include stomach bugs, childhood illnesses, ear infections, flu, minor accidents etc. I will see you online via WHEREBY for acute sessions and email your prescription including remedy and dosage. It is useful for you to have a first aid homeopathy kit at home for such times so you can take the prescribed remedy as soon as possible. If you are not already a client of mine you can book an acute consultation through the Homeopathy247 website.

PLEASE NOTE: For Acute Care consultations session, it is highly recommended you have an Ainsworths Green 42 remedy kit or Helios Blue 36 remedy kit and Helios First Aid kit at home for immediate access to the remedy needed. See my "What To Expect" page for ordering a kit.

If you are a new client and you want help with a long term chronic complaint please book a full 90 minute initial consultation. 

Prices reflect the time I spend with the client, the time I spend studying client’s case, my experience, my training, the knowledge I have gathered for over 25 years and support in
between consultations.

In case of cancellation, 24 hours notice is required otherwise no refunds will be given. 

Note: I do not work with insurance companies that require me to bill them directly, such as Vitality.

Receipts for health insurance claims are available on request. 

* Many health insurance companies in the UK will reimburse you for your Homeopathic treatment costs. You should check with your provider prior to booking and attending a consultation to ensure you are covered.*

Remedy Prescription Charge

For UK clients, the remedy is included in the fees unless it has to be sent from the homeopathic pharmacy in which case you pay them directly.

For International clients, prescriptions will be sent by email with a list of homeopathic pharmacies where you can get the remedy and also instructions on how to take the remedy and for how long. I also ask for an update around one or two weeks later by email for chronic cases. It is very useful for you to keep a note of any changes you experience after taking your remedy as we tend to forget what symptoms we had as we get better.

Homeopathy is one of the few medical specialties which carries no penalties -- only benefits.

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