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Homeopathy: Holistic, Alternative, Natural & Safe Medicine

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5 Good Reasons to Use Homeopathy

Reasons People Choose Homeopathy

People come to see a homeopath for several reasons. A few of them are listed below:

You choose to avoid medication for your child
You know your child isn't well and so have taken them to the surgery. However, what has been suggested as a course of treatment is one you'd rather not use. You know people who use homeopathy as a safe and effective system of medicine for the family. If so, you are typical of a homeopathic patient.

You would like to find a natural alternative healthcare with no side effects
You may well have been on a medicine prescribed for you for some time and realised that it isn't one that's a good idea to stay on long term, or become aware that the side effects are not doing you any good, or even become ill as a result of the medication or vaccination. You have heard that it is very rare for anyone using homeopathy to suffer from side effects, and that if they do they are very short lived. You know that homeopaths are trained to know which medication you can find alternatives for and how to do this safely. If so, you are typical of a homeopathic patient.

You would like to be seen as a person rather than a illness
You may know that you have a particular illness and feel that the people who up to now have tried to care for you have seen you as the illness. So you are looking for a therapy that looks at the person suffering from the illness and their version of it. If so, you are typical of a homeopathic patient.

You have been suggested to try Homeopathy and you have heard that Homeopathy can work
You know colleagues, family and friends who have used homeopathy and swear by it. You've no idea what it entails but think that perhaps now it's time to give it a try. If so, you are typical of a homeopathic patient.

You want to be listened to
You have perhaps multiple and complex problems and feel that you have never had enough time to explain everything that's not going right for you health wise to anyone you have seen yet within the NHS. You know that homeopaths make time to listen to all your health needs and that they look to see if the problems are in any way related. If so, you are typical of a homeopathic patient.

Continuity of care
You would like to talk about your health and life just the once to one person, and have that one person not need to hear the whole story every time you need help with your health. This has become even more important to you now that your surgery no longer has a named doctor for you.

You don't even yet know the name of the disease nor do the doctors
You know that there is something wrong with you, you don’t yet know the name of the disease, however you know that homeopaths don’t need the name. They need to hear how you feel, how your illness affects you rather than what it is called.

You need a quick response
You need a quick response to a health problem, and you know that I’ll usually ring you back/ email you back within the day. And that you can usually get an appointment within a day or two with me, rather than the weeks that you may have to wait for one at your surgery.

Homeopathy for me are effective natural remedies that have nos side effects

Dr Robert S. Mendelsohn